Learn how to create i2 Association and Timeline charts

Do you prefer learning at your own pace?

Shortest Path Training Ltd and S-branch are proud to announce a whole new way for you to gain your i2 skills.

Online Self-paced Learning

With our first course focused on creating charts in i2 Analyst’s Notebook. These online self-paced courses are perfect for motivated individuals who are either unable to attend Shortest Path Training’s tutor-led classroom or online training, or who learn better on their own and at their own pace.
Each course is structured using tried and tested training methodologies, and delivered to Shortest Path Training’s usual high standards, utilising many years of proven experience training organisations around the globe at both a local and national level.

How does it work?

The learning environment is accessed through a web browser, and on starting the course you will be guided by defined learning objectives, video explanations, and examples; and will then have the opportunity to practice each lesson by downloading course materials and using your own copy of i2 Analyst’s Notebook to complete exercises. To reinforce and check your learning we have also included a series of multiple-choice questions for you to complete as you progress.

What skills will you gain?

“I want to be able to create Association and Timeline charts for visualisation and to learn how to structure charts correctly to enable effective analysis.”

  • Learn how to build and structure Association and Timeline charts to enable understanding of the key concepts of Entities and Links
  • Learn how to create charts that enable accurate analysis and effective interpretation of networks and sequences
  • Learn how to annotate briefing and presentation charts, and how to convert your charts into other file types for dissemination


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Add data to create both an Association and a Sequence of Events chart: using Types, Identities, Labels, Pictures, Attributes, Links, Date & Time, Direction and Line Strengths
  • Annotate charts using Labels and a Legend, and save them in both PDF and Picture format

Is this course right for you?

This course is aimed at:

  • New, self-taught, or informally taught users; and those who want to refresh their knowledge Those for whom tutor-led training is not suitable due to time or other constraints
  • Those who are self-motivated and prefer to learn on their own


The ability to repeat the training videos is very practical, as the trainee can refer to the course materials at any time.

The trainer presented the materials in a professional way; bringing appropriate examples on the subjects, like how to use tools, or different ways to reach some steps.

The training sessions were distributed in a very orderly way, as information is provided gradually, which helps in understanding the subject easier and faster.

Excellent! How do I book on?

For further information and to book yourself onto the course, please email Shortest Path Training at Info@shortestpathtraining.co.uk. Further information on the course can be found here: Download Course Information

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