No one should understand your data better than you

S-branch assists its clients to identify fraud and crime in large amounts of data. Through deep understanding of the analytical requirements of each client, and the data challenges they face, we can apply the appropriate processes, technology and software to make a successful analytics solution.

The best thing about S-branch is our customers. Without exception, all our customers are using data to disrupt or prevent Crime or Fraud.

S-branch offers expertise in data management, cognitive analytics, as well as statistical and visual analytical tools.

In many cases the perfect analytical solution will be several products working together in unison. Our development team have experience in integrating technology together, to build that perfect analytical system

S-branch has experience in assisting its clients convert high level requirements into concise technical and business goals. This results in clearly defined solution architecture that is understood by stakeholders, users and technical staff alike.

Who are our clients?

Our clients come from a number of different sectors. This allows us to apply lessons’ learnt from one client to another; regardless of their business background. A rules engine solution applied at a bank may work equally as well at an insurance company.

  • Government and Law Enforcement
    • Crime Analysis
    • Telecoms Analysis
    • Open Source Intelligence
  • Commercial
    • Financial Crime Analysis
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Cyber Crime

What’s in a name?

The S-Branch was a small team who reported directly to the Prime Minister during World War II.

Their job was to distil complex data into succinct charts and figures, to aid speedy evaluation. The operation of this statistical branch was important because it allowed the Government to make quick decisions based on accurate data.

Meet the Team

Keith Musson

Keith Musson
Managing Director

Keith has extended experience in assisting law enforcement agencies to get the most out of their data and the best out of their software investment. Keith has also worked with a number of commercial clients to help uncover fraud; usually by consolidating data hidden in disparate systems.

Keith has been working with data analytics software since 2006. He previously worked at IBM, where he consulted on the i2 analysis suite to clients around the world.

He now provides expertise on a number of different technologies, where he designs and implements data analytic solutions for client and partners in a number of sectors. Recently Keith has been incorporating Machine Learning and Big Data technology into solutions to compliment more traditional analytical tools like i2.

Why data analytics? – It’s fascinating, especially when looking for fraud; I tried another field once and it wasn’t for me

Fav place in the world? – Slovenia. I just love the country, the landscape and the people. I wish I was there now.

Jessica D’Souza

Marketing Director

Jess is a marketing fanatic. She has over 15 years of high-level experience in a range of industries inc B2B tech start-ups, FinTech, visual analysis, eLearning, publishing, retail and not-for-profit.

Jess is a bit of a data geek.

She is an expert in driving revenue, generating demand and reporting, while ironing out efficiencies. A result driven, creative yet analytical brain who can cut through data and present results that makes sense.

Interests? – Mountain biking and travelling

Giving back? – Volunteering marketing skills for Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Favourite afternoon drink? – Chai Tea Latte

Oliver Camp

Software Architect

Oliver is an experienced Software Architect who has a wealth of experience with programming, database design and administration on a variety of platforms.

Most of the experience has involved the creation and modification of web sites, portals and apps running on both on-premise and cloud environments. Recent projects have involved working across the full stack environment to enable a coherent information architecture (user experience). Creating and maintaining versioned API’s to enable other developers to reliably integrate with the systems.

Along with programming Oliver is also a skilled system administrator responsible for running several web hosting servers across various platforms including Amazon Web Services. 

Why you got into web development? – An uncontrollable curiosity to know how things work.

Favourite hot drink? Black Coffee

Favourite thing you like to cook? – Roast dinners, peanut chicken stir fry, beef stew. I could go on, I love cooking.

Mark Ploszay

Intelligence Analyst and Subject Matter Expert

With an Intelligence career spanning over 30 years Mark Ploszay has a unique insight into the world of intelligence operations and analysis. With 22 years of experience as a United States Air Force Intelligence Analyst, Mark has worked in the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) arena as well as having experience in Counter-Terrorism (CT) and Counter-Insurgency (COINS) operations and a number of other areas.

On the civilian law enforcement side of intelligence operations Mark worked for six years with the West Mercia Constabulary. Two of those years as a Divisional Crime analyst and four years as a Crime Analyst for the West Mercia Major Investigation Unit primarily working on homicide investigations.

During the previous six years that he has been with IBM (i2) Mark has filled a number of roles, from i2 Trainer to MENA Defence Programme Manager to Global
Defence Programme Manager and Global Business Development as the IBM Global Defence, National Security and Law Enforcement Specialist (SME).