VA Insight: Operational Intelligence within reach

VA Insight Software Pte Ltd officially opened its doors in 2019, but don’t let their youth fool you – they are a new company built on years of industry and subject matter expertise, practitioner experience and technology innovation.

The VA Insight Portal ™ is a browser-based, modern three-tier architecture solution for Investigators and Field Operators that streamlines data collection and provides tactical visualization to expedite the intelligence cycle and easily extend critical information to operational users on the go. There is no need to migrate data, as the Portal connects to an MS SQL source database allowing authorized users to read and write back to the data source.

Accessible from any device with an intranet, or browser connection, the Insight Portal™ empowers operational users to create records, conduct a search of records within the repository, build queries to identify complex links and visualise data for further network analysis.

For S-branch customers, this means that the valuable data held in IBM i2 iBase can now be leveraged by front line staff, anytime, anywhere.

Portal Capabilities

The portal gives front-line staff the following functionality through an intuitive browser-based process. Allowing valuable IBM i2 iBase data to be shared with a broader range of users.

Record Management

Create and update records including entities and links

Search and Query

Conduct a search of records within the repository and build queries to identify complex links


View and expand upon associations between entities with one click

Reporting Dashboard

Gain insights from your database with customised visuals

Document Sharing

Upload a photo, document or field report directly to a record of interest


Audit actions performed by Users on the Platform

If any of the above could benefit your i2 deployment or you’re looking into data analysis tools in general; please feel free to contact us.

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